Albertus Pictor c. 1460-1510 i Härnevi Kirke, Sweden

Peter Lönnerberg
Harpsichord & Chamber Organ

Peter began his studies with Eva Nordenfelt and Karin Jonsson-Hazell inStockholm. Further teaching by Lars-Ulrik Mortenson, Copenhagen, and masterclasses withamong others Glen Wilson and Ketil Haugsand.He is one of thefounders of Ensemble Cornucopia. Peter is a frequent continuo player withseveral ensembles, e.g. Stockholm Baroque Orchestra, Swedish BaroqueOrchestra, and La Récréation. CD recordings: Music by Biagio Marini on"Echoes from Venice" (Daphne) with ensemble Corde, and with the SwedishChamber Orchestra performing Kraus' symphonies (Naxos). Into his busy musicschedule, Peter is squeezing an active research carrier in the field ofmolecular biology and bioinformatics.

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